Innovative Gamefowl Analytics Platform


GFAIC's Gamefowl Performance Breeding Tools.
How do I benefit from using thee?

  • It will serve as my data base of my Breeding and Performance (Cockfight or Poultry Show) records.
  • It was designed for gamefowl breeders world wide.
  • It is accessible anywhere internet connection is available.
  • It is a secured website with standard SSL Certificate.
  • It is hosted by Cloud Data Base in Asia.
  • It will analyze my brood fowl pair Win Percentage.
  • It will analyze my Top 10 Winning Strain.
  • It will analyze my Top 10 Winning Crosses.
  • It will analyze my Top 10 Brood Cocks.
  • It will analyze my Top 10 Brood Hens.
  • It uses innovative analytics platform.
  • It will auto-generate analytics data from my gamefowl inventory.
  • It will auto-generate a live link pedigree data for all of my gamefowl inventory.
  • It can print pedigree certificates as PDF file.
  • I can use print screen to print hard copies of all my data base records.
  • How can I go wrong when numbers don't lie? I can only improve my winning percentage year after year when keeping true data and be guided from the GFAIC gamefowl performance analytics data presented.
  • GFAIC eliminates the guess work and provides data to guide me from not wasting my breeding season, feed and labor cost, frustrations and embarassment from low win percentage at the shows.
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Thanks for launching this great site on behalf of the people that love gamefowls not for fighting but just for raising these marvelous creatures as a hobby. It's a good place for making records of your breeding, pedigree and poultry show/4-H performances. GFAIC can be used all over the world. Many thanks for Walter Y Lim & his team for his hardest work.
Sher A.K. - S.A.K. Farms (California, USA)

"Very easy to use!!! Easy to maneuver around the site. A fantastic tool for the gamefowl hobbiest or commercial breeder. This valuable tool can be used by the novice and pro alike to better track your fowl. Highly recommend giving GFAIC a try!"
Andy W. - Ward Gamefowl (Alabama, USA)

"Absolutely fabulous program. Nothing like it exists and it's wonderful."
Reed B. - Topflight Gamefowl (Texas, USA)

"The App I've been waiting for has finally arrived! Been looking for a tool like this in the App store for the last 4 years. Made for gamefowl breeders by gamefowl breeders. Overall, a very useful tool customized for gamefowl breeders vs off-the-shelf breeder programs."
Mark P. - Marvel's Farm (Bulacan, Philippines)

"Nice application, simple tools to improve our breeding programs."
Arif D. - Japal (Jakarta, Indonesia) A Serial World Slasher Cup Participant.

"This is a great program!.. It is a very comprehensive and easy to use program for keeping track of bloodlines, inventory, and show records.. I recommend it!"
Lynn G. - LMO Gonzales Show Birds (California, USA)

"Best for gamefowl inventory and an opportunity to showcase our bloodlines all over the gamefowl online community."
Carmiano M. - Tres y Medya Gamfowl (Argao, Philippines)

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